Tiffany Day - So Close (original song)

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Published on 12 Feb 2020 / In Almost Famous

hey friends!!!!!

explanation time:
so i originally posted like half of this song and the video kinda started blowing up and so many people asked for the full version. honestly, i was in a really bad state of mind when i first wrote it super late at night which explains why it took me so long to finish it. if you're a songwriter than you probably understand.. when i write songs that are really close to my heart, it's usually at a time where i feel a certain way and when you don't feel that way anymore, it's just kinda difficult to keep the vibe going.. but anyways, i ended up finishing it, of course it is no where near how i want it to sound professionally, but i figured i would give you guys the raw version because you wanted the full thing.

oh and another announcement!
i made a tumblr last night (ooooo so hip tiffany)
but for real, i've been really into typing my thoughts out and i thought it would be cool to share it with you all (if you care :)

thanks for watching friends! i'm going some place special next week for winter break so expect a fun travel vlog and (maybe) a fun cover by the beach?? (i'm getting fancy hahahaha)

have a great night/day wherever you are!


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