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Published on 19 Feb 2020 / In Hip Hop

Please written by RAHH
Stevey Reid on Keys
Eugene Roque on Guitar

I never knew
love would hurt like this
black and blue my whole world
you put me through so much, yes you did
but you're gonna loose
its your turn

I forgot you
I forgave you but you kept coming back
I was wide eyed and bright sides now i see black

Say a little prayer babe just like Aretha did
Go bleed me some love just like Leona did
You’re gonna need some help just like the Beatles did
You’ll please please me
Try and walk away you’ll stumble like Macey did
I’m gonna make you fall just like Alicia did
Get on your knees like Godfather brown
you’ll please please please me

Im gon' be a problem Im gon' a be a problem
you're gonna wish that id forgotten
Im gon' be a problem Im gon' a be a problem

You’re beautiful
but you cant help yourself
I'm just a fool who thought you’d change
As usual i didn't wear my seat belt
And I lost it all
I lost it all again

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