I tried to Write my First Song in 24h....

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Published on 12 Feb 2020 / In Almost Famous

Heya guyssss ahhhhhhh K.
First of all I really want to apologise for delaying this upload for so longg, it was because I didn't want to upload my acc voice idk why but I found a solution! So I'm really sorry about that I'm going to try make sure I'm never gone for over 2 weeks for the rest of the year, and I'm also poting on Sunday to try make up for it!

Anyways so for todays video I decided to do the usual and EMBARASS MYSELF for no reason lol, and attempt to write the crappiest song in the history of songs, in 24 hours ( It was my first song ever cut me sum slack pleasee)

The song turned out really shit it was much better in my actual voice but I'm a chicken sooo.....BOKKK

Anyways I'd actually like to try record an actual proper version of this because I'm getting a microphone soon so please let me know if that is soething you guys would like to see from me (and yes it will be in my acc voice lol)

In no way to I claim ownership to any of the beats used in this video and if the owners have any sort of problem with the music in this video please conatct me first at @ornellabuisness01

So yaa that is all for now, thank ya sooo much for watching I'm sorry I was gone awhile imma work on that, don't forget to SUBSCRIBEE, thumbs up and all the good stuff, and I will see you guys later,


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