Are GMO foods safe?

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Published on 09 Dec 2019 / In Health

Due to misreporting and conflicting information, the safety of GMO crops and foods can be a topic of confusion for many. To sort fact from fiction and address GMO safety concerns once and for all, we spoke to registered dietician and GMO Answers volunteer expert Connie Diekman.

Watch her explain the truth about foods that contain GMO and why we shouldn’t fear them.

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You know, as a registered dietitian, I often hear people worry about the safety of GMOs and I think one of the things we can comfortably tell them is that the body of scientific evidence proves they are safe. The National Academies of Science even came out last year with a very significant report that looked GMOs, all of the evidence as it related to their safety in our food supply, and they said: GMOs are safe for animals and humans to consume.

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