10 STRANGE Abandoned Places in America

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Published on 12 Feb 2020 / In Places

From desolate ghost towns; to giant buildings; these are 10 STRANGE Abandoned Places in America

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10.Joliet prison | Illinois

9.16th Street Station | California

8.SS Francisco Morazan | Michigan

7.Astrodome | Texas

The NRG Astrodome opened in 1962, it was the first of its kind domed sports stadium and was nicknamed the “8th Wonder of the World”, making all these videos has made me realize that there are way too many 8th Wonders of the World….

The stadium was a prosperous business venture for many years, with baseball and football teams sharing it, and of course, who can forget the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo ?

In 2005, the astrodome was used as a shelter for residents of New Orleans that were affected by Hurricane Katrina. By 2008, the stadium was shut down completely because of failure to meet numerous building code violations.

It is worth noting, the astrodome was not open for shelter during the onslaught of Hurricane Harvey, but its successor, the NRG Center was. It might be best not to shelter thousands of people in a building that is not up to code, so maybe it was for the best.

6.Ghost Towns of Montana | ….

5.Dufur Area | Oregon

Another remnant of what used to be is the area of Dufur in Oregon. With a moderate climate that usually averages to 68F (20C), the lands were perfect for farming and raising stock.

The city was formed in 1893 by the brothers Dufur, who started a 600 acre farm. That is so much land to take care of ! Throughout the years, many people came and went, and the community has settled on 600 or so residents.

The lands are littered with derelict and abandoned buildings, primarily old barns. Its a scenic drive that takes you on a historic journey through Oregon. Dufur is not the only desolate area in Oregon, so taking a trip through the whole state is well worth it if you’re into this kind of stuff.
Jump over to Idaho as well.

4.Miami Marine Stadium | Florida

Alright, lets move into something more modern, the Miami Marine Stadium was a place where you could go and enjoy high speed powerboat racing, it was the first place in the country to offer this spectacle in 1963.

With a capacity of 6,566, the stadium was actually donated to the city of Miami by the affluent Matheson Family, the stadium was fully operational until 1992. After Hurricane Andrew hit the coast, the Miami Marine Stadium was condemned.

Since then, the stadium has been covered by graffiti artists twice over, and some of the art is impressive to say the least. There has been an active renovation campaign by multiple companies and donations have poured in to return the stadium to its former glory. This abandoned place might get a second chance at greatness after all.

3.Byron Hot Springs Hotel | California

Back to the west coast we go, who wants to join me in the Byron Hot Springs ? Maybe in the 1950s it would have been a great place to visit for relaxation. Since then? Its been a great place for urban exploration.

The hotel is tucked away between stockton and Oakland and it opened its doors to the hollywood and San Francisco elite in 1914.

The nearby town of Byron is nothing out of the ordinary, just a small town of less than a 1000 people.

2.Ha Ha Tonka | Missouri

1.Crystal Mill | Colorado

Located on the Crystal River in Colorado, the Crystal Mill or Old mill, was built in 1892 and generated power for the machinery inside. It was built to supplement the construction of the Sheep Mountain Mining Tunnel.

By 1917, the Sheep Mountain Mine was shut down, and the crystal mill fell into disuse. The area is quite honestly, gorgeous, and it is a miracle that this old wooden building has survived all the way to 2017. Considering that the mill wasn’t placed on the National register of Historic Places until 1985, we can assume that its beauty and hard to reach location kept it safe from destruction.

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