The Invention Of God Was The Cruelest Hoax Played On Humanity

We know that god is real or what we call universal consciousness. But this make-believe character you guys call god??? Cut it out! You know he is fake as hell!


The universe has unspeakable power. We are actually talking about the most creative, yet, the most destructive thing in existence. The universe mothers all life, everywhere. How could the universe not be the ultimate god? Yet, man has basically tried to assert that a superior being existed who conceived all that is reality. A superhuman being that would have to be the son of the universe, which is the ultimate god.

We as human beings, insult god every time we take credit away from the universe and claim that a superior, human-like being created what we envisage as the entire universe. The universe is powerful. It's magnetic. The universe is alive. Filled with superhuman intellect.


Think of all the beauty and wonderful things that the universe is capable of and all that it has achieved, and tell me a superior man created this. Try to convince me that a being came to our planet and died on a cross to uphold the inhumane laws of the land and die for our sins we didn't even commit yet. The idea is childlike.

Only a child could tell the stupid tales that humans have told over the decades, centuries, millenniums. Only a child would dream up a Santa Clause like a character who would come down to earth and command all human beings to be loyal and to worship him while he witnesses all the pain and suffering that goes on in our world. Then assert that all of humanity is to be punished because a man named Adam decided to follow Eve and eat from a fruit-bearing tree. Keep in mind, that this would be an unscientifically possible fruit that would have the magical power of immediately making a person open their eyes and see the truth. Who but a human could think of such a childlike tale to pass along as truth and then use these children's stories to enslave, murder, deceive and destroy life - all in the name of a loving god, who by the way, happened to be very egotistical, narcissistic and murderous?

Remember, Jesus himself came down to our planet - sent by god - to say that he comes with a sword and not peace. God in all of his supreme intellect, punished man for eternity to die because an evil serpent who took the form of a snake whispered in his ear that he should eat fruit and disobey god, so his eyes would be open.

The devil wanted mankind to open his eyes, and this god wanted us to be ignorant and easily led by masters. Oddly enough, god is the one we have praised for at least two thousand years. You remember god right? The superior being who punished mankind, tells slaves to obey their masters, wipes out humanity because they disappointed him, ordered soldiers to murder defenseless women, and take their babies as sex slaves so they could enjoy the spoils of their victories. You want me to love this god and if I challenge this nonsensical demonic fictitious being, then you equate me with the devil.

The Brainwashing of Mankind was a Complete Success Story

invention of religion - comoplete hoax

In the olden days, when societies were started, the organizers would build villages, then they would build cities. The first people appointed with power in the cities were the priests who were loyal to the rulers (government). Their job was to ensure that their citizens worshiped and obeyed god's word. If they didn't, they would be seen as witches and demons and would be sacrificed in the name of the Lord. This was like slavery, but since these people followed a religion, it wasn't exactly slavery. When slaves willingly serve as slaves, then they are not considered slaves because they are able to use free will. They really didn't get to oppose the systematic structure of how their governments were run so they were actually slaves. But it worked and too many were actually clueless to the fact that they were slaves. This kept them obedient and in line.

Purpose Of Religion

The purpose of religion wasn't to keep people from acting bad, stealing, or killing. In fact, religion was directly responsible for the most brutal wars and killing the most people. The reason religion was created was for one purpose, which was for human beings to gain control of other human beings. The result was remarkable. Societies of people would actually give away their prized possessions and remain submissive, all for a god that they believed loved them. They were fearful of this god. The bible talks about people fearing the power of their lord. The reason why power stays in power has always been to manipulate the fears of the people in its society. Once this is achieved, you can control these people. Fear is a powerful weapon.

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Religion is the most deceptive thing that man has ever created. It keeps you fearful of your masters and makes you compliant. Most countries practice religion in some form. This keeps the people in societies submissive and not questioning the authority that controls them. It's really no different from slavery. Mental slavery is the most effective form of human control that human beings can perceive. The only thing more potent than mental slavery is actually being able to telepathically control someone's mind.

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God is a Motherfucker!

Even though Jesus and god are fictitious characters out of a children's book, which is the only testament of how foolish and gullible human beings are, he is actually the villain of a book in which people have made him the hero in their twisted minds. Media is the most powerful force in the world. Media can make the good guy bad and the bad guy a savior.

If there were truly was a person named Jesus who walked this planet, he was no more than a fool. An idiot fulfilling a fake prophecy who followed a cult. He could have known that he was fake or he could have believed that he was the superhuman son of a god that fathered him by getting his mother pregnant who never consented to have a child. Sounds a lot like rape to me.

The god that people have come to worship for at least two thousand years is a children's fairy tale that spawned out of control and challenges the intelligence of every human being who believes in such an idiotic thing. Most will continue to believe in this farce because they have been told that if they don't believe that they will go to a fiery place where some red guy with horns stands over you and laughs while you burn for all of eternity. And we all know the sensation of fire. Everything that is painful burns. These people who invented this fictitious god were evil, most of all, clever. Very clever and believed that human beings were fools. And... to a degree, they were absolutely correct!