Will The Future Of Weaves Become Obsolete?

It appears that the future of the weave nonsensical era may be about to come to an end as more Black women are waking and becoming aware that they have royal blood of the royal goddesses racing through their blood.


Black men, if you are really so tired of Black women wearing weaves, then simply stop dating Black women who wear weaves. Problem solved. I don't say this to say that Black women shouldn't love themselves so much that weaves should be out of the question anyway. I say this to say that Black men do too much white worshiping. We are supposed to be the leaders of our tribes and we have become weak and made ourselves victim to supremacy. I understand indoctrination very well. But I also understand common sense. I believe that it is time that we start using common sense.

As kings of our tribes and women and children, we should be setting the guidelines. The only way the Black woman can become so reckless that she becomes out of control is if a Black man tolerates this behavior. If your woman takes a crap on you then it is your fault if you tolerate that behavior. Have some damn dignity and some damn pride.

nappy hair

Black women wearing short and nappy beautiful hairstyle with natural grade of hair looks amazing

As Black men, if you believe that a Black woman is beautiful without her weave, you need to not only tell her but demand excellence from her. If you fail to do that, then you have no right to complain when she falls short of this expectation. As long as this is not an expectation, then what the hell are we complaining about? The problem is so easy to fix. However, your behavior can only be fixed by you. This is something that we have to do collectively. You have a choice. . .  be satisfied with cheap knock offs of white women, or be proud kings with Black queens who appreciate their own beauty that you supposedly admire.

Now if you have been indoctrinated to see weaves as more appealing, then you, dear brother, are part of the problem. A war has been ensuing for ages. Black people want separation from low lives. The same way the Jews separated themselves. Once we are separate, then we can establish a base. We need that base in order to be successful. Every Black man isn't your brother. Some want you dead. Others want to kill you. Separation from these people is required. We are at a point where building is necessary, or extinction will follow.

Stop embracing these lowlife Black women. The women should do the same to the men. Once you become awake, you won't tolerate this behavior. This is how the high class separates itself from the low class.

In order for Black people to get ahead, we have to civil war with ourselves and reclaim our dignity, or everyone else will laugh at us and look at us like babies who are throwing a temper tantrum. Stop embracing things you don't stand for! In the end, if you tolerate nonsense, then that is what will be available to your kids. If we aren't willing to have a civil war, in order to have our victory, then there will be no victory!