Do Humans Get Reincarnated And Have To Come Back Here?

What role does reincarnation play in our immortal energy's existence?


My Dream About Reincarnation

Have you ever wondered if we are really beings who go through a process called reincarnation? Reincarnation means that our souls travel to new bodies that are born and we live lives as new human beings. If you think of how life on planet earth is designed, everything happens in a circle to repeat. So... reincarnation would make a lot of sense. I know it's not as fun as dancing with angels in a disco with our wings gleaming, but it does satisfy the question of whether or not life ends once we die. Who wants to believe that this is it?

But when I think of the possibility of life-ending, my common sense kicks in a bit. Who wants to be ended? I don't think any human being would like to face such an end. Mathematically, being here - our lives, wouldn't serve such a purpose if our only purpose was to be ended. I don't believe that is what happens.

I must have been thinking about this very thing in a dream I had last night. I didn't dream that I was reincarnated. But I thought of it throughout my dream. And I felt illuminated with answers as I slept. So here is what I determined from questions I sometimes ponder about our existence:

Why are we here?

The only answer that makes sense is that we are here to learn something. Now, if we are here to learn, it wouldn't make much sense for our souls or minds to fade into the abyss of nothing. No point in learning if our batteries run out and we can't be started.

But you may ask, if we are reincarnated, still, what's the point? let me attempt to answer this for you.

We are here to evolve and learn. To absorb our life experiences and ponder the meaning of life as it pertains to making decisions in life that will forever define who we are. Perhaps a bit of a test. And I believe that if we mess up, our punishment is being sent back here, with no previous knowledge of our former existence and trying again. That is, until we mess up so bad, that we run out of chances, and finally, we do lose our eternal existence. I hope that makes sense.


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Will we always be reincarnated?

According to the Bible, man has already failed god in the beginning. Our punishment was still enduring this life and serving God's will, which must be love. Even though all the adversities and things here are designed to keep us from God. I don't think that these things are by mistake. I think there is a conscious intelligence at work here, working aimlessly hard to keep us from being God-like.

We won't always be reincarnated. As painful as that seems, it may not be so bad. Especially since we have no memory of our previous lives. I think the true punishment would be having a memory of our previous lives.

But I have to conclude that when we mess up too badly, we run out of lives. Once we fail the test of life and work within God's plan, then there is no need for our souls to remain. maybe it's God's way of getting rid of the bad souls on this planet. And maybe one day, paradise on earth may actually come to be. And the glory will be worth every bit of misery that we have had to overcome while we are here.

I think in the end, once we go through what we are supposed to go through here, we are able to move in and serve God in another way. Think about it though. . . in all of infinity, what sense would it make for life to end? If time and space go on forever or infinity, why wouldn't life do the same thing? Also, think, can your mind perceive an end to infinity? Mine can't. A straight line that can't be drawn anymore. That makes as much sense to me as not being able to add another number at the end of another number... I think the likeliness that time and space end, is the same probability of math numbers ending. And arithmetic never ends.


This is just a simple philosophy that actually came to me in a dream and I felt compelled to share it with you. I would love to hear feedback and how others feel about this subject in the comments below.