Most Beautiful Black Women – Original Beauty

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The beautiful black women is the original beauty from way back, like back to Africa and whatnot...

A Black man goes in and explains the beauty of the most beautiful Black women eloquently in this amazing poem about Black women filled with the most beautiful black women pictures.

beautiful black woman

The beautiful Black woman resonates with a unique beauty that is all her own. The Black woman is the Nubian queen of our planet. She is life bearer and light bearer.

beautiful black woman

beautiful black woman

Poem - All that melanin. All them curves. Maybe that's the reason I have this magnetic attraction that's attracting me to you but I can't deny it. It resides in the deep pit of my soul. When I am presented with you Nubian queen, I can feel something in me explode.

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It's like, the sun being born and it resonates at a higher frequency than any beam of light; my black queen is definitely out of site. As dark as you are, when I look into your eyes I can see your inner light.

Glowing beautiful Black woman supreme African features

I can see the beginning and the end of the creation of life. I can see neutrons and protons in all they excite. I can look back into the past and see that you were the goddess that breathed light. Now I ain't saying you god or nothing, cause that would clearly be me fronting. But I definitely see the god in you, queen, cause you the closest thing to god to me, except for me. And I have to see the god in myself, or I could never cherish the god in you, true... so I hope you look deep in yourself and when you look at your reflection, you can see the god in me too.

beautiful black woman

I know you go through pain queen, and I go through that pain with you. That's why when we together and it's all good, I just look at your beauty you possess and want to hug and kiss you. You don't need any validation. You don't need to prove your worth at all. Cause the way I see it, you are worth more than all the diamonds that I could buy you in shopping malls.

beautiful black woman

When I feel like the world has defeated me, you nurture me with your all. And when I feel like I came short, you build me up like I was ten feet tall. When our melanin meets each other, and I can feel our spirits greet each other, and that's why you are my Nubian queen and I just want us to be together. If you had my child, I know you would be a good mother.

beautiful black woman

I can imagine the family we would raise together, and kids would carry out our legacy forever. Your quite a treasure and sometimes I feel like you don't even know it. Because you have the most beautiful skin and your hair is divine... that's why I don't know why you so afraid to show it.

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