Chinese Use ‘gutter oil’ To Cook Food in Restaurants

Gutter oil is a valuable resource to Chinese people as it is common practice to use in cooking.



Most of China’s ‘gutter oil’ winds up in cheap restaurants and among street food vendors.

Chinese people actually really do use gutter oil to cook food. Gutter oil refers to oil that is made from sewage.

Kunming struggling to deal with 'gutter oil' | South China Morning ...

The fact that Chinese people are known to use gutter oil to make their food makes Chinese food the nastiest and most unhealthy food of all foods. Yet Chinese take out and restaurants are quite common in most of America.

A close encounter with China's sewer-oil trade

This means if you would not go to a sewer or someone’s bathroom toilet and use those contents to cook your food in, you may want to skip Chinese food tonight.

China gutter oil: Disgusting recycled oil and sewage is used to cook Chinese  street food - TomoNews - YouTube